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    What are the causes of excessive wear on the belt edge of sy


    Although such a device as synchronous belt will wear gradually at the edge of the belt with the increase of the use time under normal use conditions, and there will be very obvious wear after a long time of use, and even it will not be able to continue to use due to too serious wear. But under normal circumstances, the wear of the device will be very slight, which is not obvious, and only after a very long time of use can obvious wear marks appear.
    If the use time is not very long, it is found that the synchronous belt is worn, that is, there is a problem with the device, which is not normal. What causes the excessive wear of the belt edge of the device? The pulley is not parallel; the bearing part is not rigid enough; the retaining ring is complete; the surface of the retaining ring is rough and the device touches the protective baffle or bracket of the transmission device, which may lead to excessive wear of the belt edge.
    In terms of the causes that may cause excessive wear of the belt edge of the synchronous belt, we need to pay attention to adjust the parallelism in time when finding out that the belt pulley is not parallel; increase the rigidity when knowing that the rigidity of the bearing part is not enough, and fix it well; correct or replace the retaining ring in time when it is bent or the surface is rough; Check the protective baffle and bracket frequently to avoid the device touching these parts to prevent excessive wear of the device belt edge.
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