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    Ninglong synchronous belt

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    The design of synchronous belt pulley is very rigorous, with


    The design of synchronous pulley is very rigorous. For devices such as synchronous pulley, there are very strict requirements in terms of structural style, specific size, material and so on. Only when the pulley meets the requirements in all aspects, can it get a good assembly. In this way, the function and other performance that can be achieved in the application will be very good.
    In consideration of such application requirements, the manufacturers are reminded to optimize the design of synchronous pulley at the beginning. Only by ensuring the pulley design work well, can the manufactured pulley fully meet the use requirements. Therefore, it can be said that the design of pulley is very rigorous work, and attaches great importance to details. Manufacturers must pay attention to optimization in many details, so as to really do a good job in the design of pulley.
    In terms of the design work of synchronous pulley, first of all, the manufacturer needs to determine the center distance and module of pulley by considering the relevant factors, and then use the geometric calculation method to calculate the basic parameters of gear, and then can accurately check the contact strength of tooth surface and the bending strength of tooth root after calculating the basic parameters. Design the pulley according to such process steps to ensure that the values of each part are determined well, so that the overall design can be very scientific, and the pulley quality and function can be well guaranteed. Pay attention to details

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